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Feeling Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath

Chest pain
is the number-one symptom of heart trouble and heart attack. There are many types of chest pain that range from the sharp, stabbing kind to the dull, aching kind and crushing or burning kind. Their pain may travel to the neck and back or radiate down one or both arms.

Chest pain can be caused by a number of problems. The most life-threatening of them involve the heart and lungs. Because chest pain has so many potential causes, it can be difficult to diagnose. People who feel any chest pain should seek immediate help.

The same goes for shortness of breath, a symptom of heart dysfunction, heart attack or cardiac tamponade (excess fluid around the heart that can lead to low blood pressure shock and death). But it can also be symptomatic of asthma, COPD or obesity.

In many cases, the underlying cause of chest pain or shortness of breath has nothing to do with your heart. But the only way to know for sure is to see Dr. Craig R. Peterson at Eastern Shore Heart Center.

When chest pain is heart-related

Although most people attribute chest pain to an impending heart attack, many heart attack victims experience only vague discomfort that they don’t consider “pain.” Typically, chest discomfort that’s related to a heart attack or heart problem includes:

  • Feelings of chest fullness, pressure or tightness
  • Crushing or burning pain in back, neck, jaw, shoulders and arms (mainly left arm)
  • Pain that lasts more than a few minutes, stops, then returns or varies in intensity
  • Shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness or nausea, leg swellilng

Schedule a cardiac evaluation before you experience any symptoms. Call Eastern Shore Heart Center at 251.990.1930 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form. Our chest pain patients come to us from Spanish Fort, Fairhope, Daphne, Foley and Gulf Shores in Baldwin County, AL and close-by areas in Mobile County.