Procedure Information


Dr. Peterson conducts all heart test procedures right in the office while you are there and comfortable. Procedures include:

 Treadmill Stress Testing

In this simple test, the patients walk on a treadmill while we monitor them. We measure how far they walk to see if they develop chest pains, while ECG tells us whether their heart is getting sufficient blood.

 Nuclear Stress Testing

This test procedure measures blood flow to the patient’s heart at rest. We determine whether the heart is working harder with exertion or medication. The test images areas of low blood flow through the heart to determine damage to the heart muscle.

Nuclear Stress Test Instructions

 3D Echocardiogram

This is essentially an ultrasound or sonogram of the heart. An echocardiogram uses two-dimensional, three-dimensional and Doppler ultrasound to image the heart.

 Carry-along Event Recorders

This is a portable recording device the patient carries around to monitor heart rate and rhythms throughout the day. Think of it as a mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) recording when the patient has fast or slow heartbeats or feels dizzy like they are about to faint. We also use it to see how patients respond to various medications.

 Ambulatory Electrocardiographic Monitoring

This records the heart’s electrical activity while the patient goes about their usual activities. The ambulatory test procedure allows the patient to walk and perform other daily activities during the test. Also called ambulatory EKG, 24-hour EKG, cardiac event monitoring or Holter monitoring.

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