Welcome to Eastern Shore Heart Center

Welcome to Eastern Shore Heart Center

Comprehensive heart care with a personal touch

Think of your heart, a fist-sized muscle, as an amazing engine capable of running your entire body. Since 1985, cardiologist Dr. Craig R. Peterson has helped patients understand and protect this incredible organ from heart attack and heart disease. In fact, his sole focus is on helping you prevent heart attack, overcome heart disease and live a healthier life.

Patients at his Eastern Shore Heart Center enjoy many benefits, including organized “Healthy Heart” wellness programs, diet and exercise programs and the latest information about the risks and early warnings of heart disease. He treats everything from chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath and high blood pressure to heart palpitations, blood clot, coronary artery disease, arrythmias, aneurysm, metabolic syndrome and stroke.

Dr. Peterson provides certified technicians in our noninvasive onsite echocardiography lab for the most accurate echocardiogram diagnosis. Our center is fully equipped with a heart rate monitor, nuclear stress test and treadmill stress tests. And we are currently welcoming adult patients of all ages from Fairhope, Daphne, Point Clear, Foley and Prichard in Mobile County.

Discover comprehensive heart care with a personal touch at Eastern Shore Heart Center. Call us at 251 206 0563 for more information or Request an Appointment here.

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